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TeenTech provides teenagers with a range of engaging and enlightening experiences which aim to shift their perceptions of contemporary careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Our research shows that participating in a TeenTech event helps teenagers to refocus their thinking about school subject choices and to consider career paths they never knew existed.  Teachers benefit too – we can help sharpen knowledge about current best practice in industry and provide plenty of ideas to enrich lessons.  We focus on collaborative learning and legacy by building new relationships between schools and local companies.

At a TeenTech event a range of global companies, local businesses, universities and institutions pool their energy and talent to show young people what life is really like in the modern science, technology and engineering workplace.  Surrounded by powerful media images of “instant success” on programmes like X factor, many young people have limited access to inspiring role models to help them understand why investing time in STEM subjects makes a difference to their future careers.

Attending a TeenTech event gives young people the opportunity to participate in live experiments, to get hands-on with leading edge technology and, most importantly to meet the engineers, technicians and scientists behind their 21st century lives – they quickly realise how far their images of wild haired “Einsteins” or “grubby engineers” are from the reality of the cool young people enjoying varied, exciting and well paid careers.

TeenTech works collaboratively with leading companies to deliver engaging, memorable and practical experiences.  Our partners include the BBC, Sky, Google, Airbus and Cummins, who bring their latest technology and key people to talk about their work.






What is the format of a TeenTech event?

TeenTech is a highly interactive one-day event – it’s lively, but very carefully organised.  Events are run at a range of local venues, typically sports stadiums or conference centers.  Throughout the day, from 10:00-14:00, students move in small groups, led by an industry ambassador, through three interactive zones – the Innovation Zone, Insight Exhibition and Challenge Zone.  Each of these distinct areas features a mix of activities – we support all of our exhibitors in helping them to understand how to create and develop strong, focussed activities which really engage students.

 How do students benefit?

At a TeenTech event we provide interactive demonstrations, leading edge technology, hands-on experiments and – most importantly – unique opportunities for students to talk to ‘real’ people who are experts in their field. Our research shows that attending a TeenTech event helps students to refocus their thinking about school subject choices and to consider career paths they never knew existed.  We have spent the past four years designing and refining the TeenTech experience to change perceptions about careers in STEM and the people who work in those industries. TeenTech events give students valuable hands on learning experiences, confidence about their abilities and an opportunity to shine outside the classroom.

Head over to our career pages for related links and resources.


How do I bring my students to a TeenTech event?

We are running ten events across the UK in 2015, please contact us if you would like to attend.  Events are always over subscribed, so it’s best to confirm places as early as possible. TeenTech events cover a range of career opportunities for apprentices and entry level technicians, as well as graduates, so are suitable for mixed ability groups.


How much does it cost to attend a TeenTech event?

Schools can attend a TeenTech event free of charge.  The real cost of each place is £150 and this is covered by the generosity of our sponsors.

 Do you run events for teachers?

We realise the importance of teachers being up to date with the latest industry thinking and best practices, and we also want you to get the most out of the TeenTech event.  At some events we run sessions for teachers the day before, giving you the time to understand the shape of the TeenTech day, ask questions and explore some of the activities.  Additionally, we are keen to foster direct relationships between schools and local businesses to ensure the knowledge gained from TeenTech events continues to evolve.  From Autumn 2012, we will be running ‘twilight’ CPD sessions in most regions to keep you across the very latest support material for Science, Maths, Technology and Engineering.

 What do teachers say about TeenTech events?

“Not only did the students enjoy the day and come away enthused but so did I. It was great for getting to know about cutting edge technology and I have been inspired to develop a few new projects based on what I saw. Living in isolation in a school makes it difficult to keep up to date – I’m sending my 2nd in next year”  Teacher

“Watching the pupils discovering the joys of engineering and discovering how the knowledge they learn in school could help them and others in the future.” Teacher,

“The whole day was fantastic, very difficult to pick what we most enjoyed”. Teacher

“The survey on how much understanding about science and engineering careers the students had was an eye opener. Made us realise how much more work we need to do to change this” Teacher

“The day was just packed with fun STEM activities that kept all of the pupils and staff engaged” Teacher


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  1. Peter Marshman says:

    I am an advanced skills teacher at Park House School in Newbury, Berkshire. Part of my role is to work with local primary and secondary schools in order to promote Computing. Also as part of the committee for BCS Berkshire I thought this would be a good event to bring some secondary and primary children from numerous schools to this prestigious event. Could you let me know if any places are still available for the teentech event.

    Many thanks

    Peter Marshman

  2. Hi Peter
    I’ve dropped you an email

  3. Tracey Waller says:

    I am the Business and Enterprise co-ordinator at Chichester High School for Boys in West Sussex.
    We are interested in bringing some students to this event.
    Do you have any places available?
    many thanks,
    Tracey Waller

  4. Catherine Walker says:

    I am a D&T teacher at Winterton Comprehensive School in in the Humberside region and am interested in taking part in the Teen Tech day. Could you please let me know if any places are available and how to register to take part.
    Thank you very much
    Catherine Walker

  5. KJ says:

    Hi there,
    I am a specialist schools coordinator in a school in Bristol. How can i find out if there are any local events we can attend?

    many thnaks

    • Hi
      We will be running more TeenTech events in the next year and although there is no date in your area just yet, we do plan to work with partners to run one. I’ll drop you an email.

  6. V clark says:

    I am a dht at kelvin hall school. Can you advise how we get involved in this initiative?
    Many thanks, Vicky

  7. Lucinda Collins says:

    I am a Science teacher at Dover Grammar School for Girls in Kent. Last Year I attended the Berkshire TeenTech day as a PGCE student and now as an NQT am very keen for my new school to take part in Kent’s TeenTech. Would you be so kind as to inform me of any avaliable places and how to go about registering to take part.
    Many Thanks,
    Lucinda Collins

    • Hi Lucinda
      We ran the 2011 Kent TeenTech in September but the event will run again in 2012. If you drop an email to she will make sure you are added to the list of schools which will be mailed when plans and dates are finalised.
      I’m delighted you enjoyed the Berkshire event.
      Maggie Philbin

  8. Ges Cocker says:

    If you are thinking about coming to the Teen Tech event then do so. It is one of the nest events I have been to in several( many) years of teaching. My students came away buzzing last year. It is well organised, packs loads of punch and is large enough to enjoy everything on offer. I would highly recommend it to schools who have a passion for the STEM subject areas.
    A massive thanks to those involved in planning and especially delivering a great day. Cant wait for 2012s.

  9. Roland Allen Roland Allen says:

    Glad it was such a success for your Students – we are hoping to run 10 events in 2012.


  10. simran says:

    i feel that this programme will be a great oppertunity to children who have interest in the STEM project.

  11. sally says:

    I work for a large Engineering Organisation in Northamptonshire can you please advise what date the Teentech Event is being held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.Thanks

    • Roland Allen Roland Allen says:

      Hi Sally,

      The TeenTech Warwick & Coventry event at the Ricoh Arena is being held on Friday 19th October – I’ll drop you a line with further details.

      Kind regards,


  12. Jane Morrell says:

    Good evening,

    Please could you let me know if you have any events planned for the West Yorkshire region?

    Many thanks,


  13. Tracy Feehan says:

    Good morning, I am an Assistant Principal at a school in West London with a specialism in science and technology and would love to bring a group of students to this event.
    How do I sign up?

  14. Jenny Hawkins says:

    Just found out about you from a programme on the TV. Do you offer anything for Primary school children? If not, could you recommend anyone/anywhere who does?


  15. Alex Clewett says:

    Hi there, I am head of ICT at Flint High School in North Wales. I saw a report about Teen Tech on the BBC’s Click programme and was mightily impressed. I was wondering if you had plans to run these events in Wales? I am particularly interested as I am about to start a 2 year secondment working for the Welsh government – advising how technology and ICT can be used more in students learning. Please could you let me know what your plans are. Thank you.

  16. Dhiraaj says:

    I got to know about this event on BBC Click. This is a good approach for development of the next generation. I want to increase the reach of these events to India since developing countries have a huge potential as well. I want to unearth any sort of collaboration with you. Please let men know if you are open to expand your reach. Thanks


  17. Lucinda Collins says:

    I came across Teen Tech as a PGCE student. I am currently a teacher at Dover Grammar School and have seen that there is an event in Folkestone on 25th October. Are there any places avaliable for my students as I am eager to show them these opportunities! I would be grateful if you could provide me with details on how to sign up.

  18. I am currently running many different projects and clubs at my school and online to try and encourage students into tech careers ( Teen Tech sounds fantastic and I would love to bring students from my secondary school in East London to an event. Where can I find out more?

  19. Barbra Webber says:

    I lead the ICT at a secondary school currently embracing the fantastic computing opportunities coming up. I am also passionate about innovation and challenging students to think creatively about the future. Are there any Teen Tech events coming up in the north west in the future? Thanks in advance.

    • Roland Allen Roland Allen says:

      Hi Barbra,

      Many thanks for getting in touch – we hope to run an event about 30 miles away from you in Manchester next year, scheduled for October 23rd. Best to Keep an eye on our web site for more details, we’ll note your interest.

      Kind regards,


  20. Jessica Hirani says:


    Hope you can help, as I got your details from BAFTA.
    I am a secondary ICT teacher. We are currently running a project with ICT and media studies about game development and student are creating their own game.

    I want to oragnaise a trip/workshop for 60 student or less (we are flexible).

    The focus is: To give students a real insight about computer games development/ industry/ game marketing and advertisement/careers. We want them to do a practical activity as well to keep them engaged throughout the day.

    Would you be able to set up a work shop for us????
    We can come to you, or you can come here ?

    Age group: 12-13
    Date for our trip: Tuesday 19th March (fixed day) from 9/10 till 3 pm.

    If you need more info I can call you if you have a direct number. It would be great to work together.

    Thanks and look forward in hearing from you.

  21. Adam Kennedy says:

    Hi, we sent a group of students to a teentech fair in London last year and it was brilliant! Will you be running something similar this year and if so, how can we sign up??
    I teach at Clapton Girls’ Academy in Hackney, London

  22. Olwen Elliott says:

    I brought a group of year 9s to a Teentech event in reading a couple of years ago and they had a great time. We would like to repeat this in 2013 and the school diary is starting to fill up. Please would you let me know when and where the Teentech events for the south east will be running this year.
    many thanks

    • Hi Olwen

      TeenTech will run in Newbury, Berkshire in May and in Guildford, Surrey on November 13th. The date for the Berkshire event will be confirmed shortly.

      Looking forward to seeing you again


  23. Gail James says:


    I’m acting head of Maths and communication at Maryhill High School in staffordshire – I recieved details of your event at Uttoxeter in March but have lost the details – how do I find out more and book tickets please?

    regards – Gail

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