What is a TeenTech event?

TeenTech events are highly interactive experiences designed to inspire young teenagers and their teachers about careers in the contemporary world of Science, Engineering and Technology.  Each TeenTech event gives Y8/ Y9 students and teachers the opportunity to try their hand at experiments, to handle leading edge technology and, most importantly to spend time with the Engineers, Technologists and Scientists influencing their 21st century lives.



TeenTech events are lively, but very carefully organised – we have spent the past four years defining and refining our events.  Working alongside a combination of regional partners, commercial organisations and learning institutions we tailor each TeenTech event so that it is relevant to the region and that learning and inspiration continues after the day.

Attending a TeenTech event is a powerful intervention just before students make GCSE subject choices, dispelling gender stereotypes and shifting perceptions of careers teenagers may have considered “difficult”, “geeky” or “boring”.   We actively encourage young people of all abilities by highlighting different STEM career prospects from apprenticeships to entry level technicians and graduates.

Last year over 380 schools attended a TeenTech event – this year, with the support and input from our fantastic sponsors, exhibitors and collaborators we’re able to run even more events to satisfy the demand from schools for places.  TeenTech events will be running in regions across the UK in 2014 including Staffordshire, Wales, South Yorkshire, Humber, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Solent, London, Bristol and Manchester. We also have our first event in Eire – in Galway.

We would love to hear from schools who are interested in attending a TeenTech event, and from businesses interested in participating or sponsoring.


You’ll find details of what’s happening in those regions here:





London – TeenTechCity

Humber Region

South Yorkshire


9 Comments to “Events”
  1. sue Fullwood says:

    A Derbyshire School. We are interested in this project.
    Sue Fullwood Head of Technology

  2. Rachel Delourme says:

    are you planning any events in Cornwall?
    I am STEM advisor for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Let me know if you would like to work together to develop an event in the bottom left hand corner of the UK.

    • Roland Allen Roland Allen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      We don’t have an event planned for Cornwall at the current time but we are always happy to discuss the possibility of doing so with interested parties?

      Kind regards,


  3. Paul says:

    Please let me know if you come to Cornwall?

    Kind regards


  4. Penny Gagne says:

    I am the mum of a yr8 child. He would LOVE to be involved in this. Are you planning to do any events in the north Essex or south Suffolk area?

  5. rachel delourme says:

    Hello, we have been in touch before by email.

    I was just wondering if you would like to take part in our ‘Skills Show’ event in Cornwall in October 2014.

    Email me if you would like to know more.

    Best wishes

  6. paul says:

    I would like to get something like this at the Tech jams to give the young people in the area a chance.

    If we can reach out to young people who ARE interested perhaps the resulting demand for something WILL get somewhere.


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