For more information about TeenTech and to learn more about how your business, school or organisation could take part in TeenTech please contact  :

Maggie Philbin

Roland Allen


For all other enquiries please contact:

Polly Harris



For TeenTech South Yorkshire contact:

Sandra Cooper :


For TeenTech Galway contact:

Anne Casserly :


For TeenTech Hampshire contact:

Sue Riley


For TeenTech West  contact:

Jill Hutchinson :>


For TeenTech North Wales/Cheshire 

Jill Hutchinson :>


For TeenTech Kent contact :

Maggie Philbin

Anne McNulty


For TeenTech Humber contact:

Helen Wilson


For TeenTech City contact

Maggie Philbin


For TeenTech Surrey contact:

Maggie Philbin






13 Comments to “Contact”
  1. Please can you send me information on how to be involved with this event.

    Thank you
    Natalie Upton

  2. Jane Wallace says:

    Hi – heard you on the radio at the weekend and I would be keen to find out more about the event in Kent. Is there a date/venue announced yet, and how can we book tickets if interested?

    Jane Wallace

  3. Deborah Egan says:

    Hi Teen Tec team – we would be pleased to host or support Teen Tec in Sheffield do you have an existing date for the city ? And is the event taking ace elsewhere in the UK in the near future? I am the CDI director for the region and keen to progress. Many thanks

  4. Claire Nix says:

    Great sounding events. We produce a range of careers information including the well known Working in series (Working in engineering, Working in Science, Working in Maths). Perhaps these could provide useful follow up information once young people’s interest has been captured? Let me know if you think there is scope for exploration.

  5. Saskia says:

    Hi Magggie,

    I am having trouble getting my emails through to you and Helen. They bounce back for some reason. Not sure why.


  6. abul hassan says:

    Hi Maggie,

    I just saw you on BBC Click show. You mention how companies are looking for people to fill in their jobs. My question is, how do we find those companies who have really cool jobs who are crying out for people with tech skills?

    I am of 24 years old, self taught programmer for the past 7 years. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. All the jobs I see online, you need a degree or certain years of experience in a particular field. I recently developed a app (Ramadan Buddy) which had 10,000 downloads in just one weekend! It’ll be nice to hear your answer on my question.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Many thanks.


    • Hi Abdul
      Thanks for getting in touch. Have you tried approaching companies directly and letting them know the skills you’ve developed? I bet some smaller techie companies would be very interested enough to give you an interview at least.

  7. Nauman Ahmad says:

    Hi my name is Nauman Ahmad, I am a student at Teesside University studying Electrical/Electronics Engineering and this year will be going into my 3rd year. I first came across the Teen Tech project in the bbc click program and there is a planned event in Teesside in the near future I am interested in the Teen Tech project and would also be interested to get involved.

    Kind regards

    Nauman Ahmad

    • Roland Allen Roland Allen says:

      Hi Nauman,

      Thanks for your message – we have an event in Teeside provisionally scheduled for March 2013 so keep an eye on our web site for further details?

      Kind regards,