Wearable Technology

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The sponsor for the TeenTech Wearable Technology Award is:

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This category is as open as you wish to make it! You could consider smart bags, glasses, clothing, artificial limbs, exoskeletons …

Here’s a thought provoking article asking “Is there a future for Wearable Tech? 

And another by Christan Defeo on how wearable devices help marketeers join the dots. 

Here’s a piece written by Charles Arthur in The Guardian to get you thinking.

And this is a great blog about the future of textiles. The Living Shoe and the Strawberry plant that grows lace.

And students at TeenTech this year have been fascinated by the technology behind artificial limbs. Have a look at the engineering behind the performances in the Paralympic Games here.



4 Comments to “Wearable Technology”
  1. Marc Amil says:

    Have you ever been annoyed of losing your phone?
    My idea is a wristband that if you lose your phone all you do is put your apple store account on to the watch or your android store account and if there is a blackberry store account, if there isn’t a blackberry store they should make one. So if you lose it you put your apple account and it locates your phone, there’s already an app called Find my Iphone, but it doesn’t give you an exact place, with that I mean you can’t zoom to the phone so you can’t see what the surrounding looks like, but with my technology you could zoom to the phone with your fingers and you could look around the phone, so if you lost it on your house, find my Iphone will just give you a birdview of just colours of where your phone is, but with my idea you could look closer to the phone and you know where it is because you got a 360 degress view of the surroundings, which is not just colours but the actual surroundings and as the result of it you got your phone back.

  2. Marc Amil says:

    My idea is a new generation of buying clothes. My idea is a printer that prints clothes, all you do is buy a material that you want your clothes in,cotton etc. In the future I want companies to sell the materials in sizes and the materials are thin width, like a tshirt and you have buy it, then you go to a clothes brand website at home or anywhere with the clothes printer, and they will give you a verification code that could be only used ones, but you have to pay, but it’ll be cheaper because you bought the materials,and if you like a design all you do is print it and put your choice material, and it’ll print your design, so you don’t have to wait for your clothes to be delivered or go outside to buy clothes, so you could stay at home, and get your clothes immediately.

    • Hi Marc

      You’ve submitted a great idea but entries for the Awards need to be made through your teacher. Do ask him/her to complete the Stage TWo Innovation Log under the Awards tab on our website by the end of term.


  3. sofia says:

    Wearable developers, technologists, designers, telecom and hardware providers are set to attend Wearable Computing Conference 2013 in New York next November 7, the biggest forum on wearable technologies on the East Coast.

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