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The TeenTech Transport Award is sponsored by :



What will the future of aviation look like? What inspiration could come from nature? Is there a more connected way to get from home to your destination? What will the vehicles of the future look like? How can roads be made safer? And what about tickets and signposting?. Is there a place for human power?

Transport is a fascinating area to consider. What do you think it could look like in the future?

The transport category is sponsored by Airbus and they are very happy to pass on links to research material or, if your school is near one of their sites, they will offer advice on your project! Don’t worry if you aren’t close by, you could set up a WebEx or Skype call from your classroom.

Airbus have some really exciting ideas for the future of Air Travel and you can see these in their video “The Future by Airbus”:



You can reach out to other companies too for inspiration, ideas and support. And many Universities and Colleges will be happy to help too!

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