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The TeenTech Design and Construction Award is sponsored by :



What will the cities, towns or villages of tomorrow look like?
How can we create better places to live, work and play?

We want you to look into the future and design buildings which are safer, more energy efficient and more beautiful.

Working in your teams, use your STEM knowledge to produce models of buildings which will stand the test of time. From acoustics and aesthetics, to materials and structural integrity, we want you to think about every aspect of design and construction. You might want to look at the detail of a building or a plan for an entire new town – it’s up to you!

Atkins is proud to support the TeenTech Construction Award and the development of tomorrow’s innovators.

Check out these buildings and the video to get some ideas for your project.

Welcome to the exciting world of design and engineering!




Skyworth Complex – China

“The first eco-friendly development in China’s Guangming district”
Skyworth Complex - China - 2image007




South Quarter – Jakarta

“A dynamic vision which marries beauty and sustainability.”
South Quarter - Jakarta_2 image012



If students are attending regional TeenTech events in early 2013 they are welcome to bring their models for display. Here are some great buildings (all costing less than £15) produced by students in South Yorkshire.



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