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 The TeenTech Communication Award is sponsored by:


This year we’re asking you to focus on a very important area: “Keeping Safe in Cyberspace”.  The internet has facilitated a powerful network for social communication. This award will be given to a team of students who come up with an influential solution to communicating safely through technology.

Detailed Overview: HP are proudly sponsoring the communication award again for 2014 and as a leading technology company providing products which allow people to communicate, we are constantly innovating our products to meet peoples communication needs. However, although technology brings great benefits, there are also dangers around using them – especially over the internet.

Students need to develop an idea which helps people communicate safely online, which also brings awareness about the dangers of who they could be interacting with. Online banking is an example of how companies have addressed a safety issue around financial data. They have used the latest technology and ideas to try and make the internet more secure for people using online banking. But what about social networks? Is one password just enough? Who is addressing the safety around social networks? This is why we need you!

Here are some suggestions and guidelines of what students need to think about:


  • Who uses technology to access the internet, i.e: Ages, Retired, young adults, businesses, schools, hospitals, government.
  • What technology do they use to access social networks?
  • What social networks are out there?
  • Ways people communicate? i.e email,facebook,whatsapp etc
  • Be aware of also the advantages the internet brings

Issues around the Internet

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Who can see your data?
  • Visibility around Pictures/locations
  • False identity
  • Hackers

Preparation for the project:

Students may wish to do an awareness campaign in conjunction with their idea and how they would communicate that. It is important that once they have a good idea, how they can effectively implement it to people to make it most effective. Think about how you would do this, television advert, youtube advert etc. They need to research the issue both from stories they may have seen in the media and also if they have had firsthand experiences of people in their own lives, learn about the risks, decide on key messages.

Best Preparation starts with substantial research. Researching the issues around internet safety will be useful in backing up your ideas and allow you to discover the dangers yourself.

Teachers Resources: – Google Secrets

You can also select videos from youtube about cyber bullying or safety on the internet and show pupils.

Pupil Resources – Various ways in which pupils can begin to think about safety – BBC safety




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