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TeenTech runs lively one-day events to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology.

We are an award winning, industry-led initiative, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson to help the “X Factor” generation understand their true potential and the real opportunities available in the contemporary STEM workplace.

TeenTech events take place at venues across the UK – at each event 300 pupils from 30 different schools benefit from hands-on exhibits and challenges run by leading organisations.  TeenTech works collaboratively with Education Business Partnerships, companies, Universities and business organisations to create these very special experiences for young people.

In 2010 TeenTech won the Best Engineering Event in Science and Engineering Week award and in 2011 was the only UK organisation to receive a Google RISE award. In 2012 Maggie Philbin and TeenTech also won Best Outreach and Engagement Award presented by UKRC/WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).


Who We Are

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We are delighted that HRH the Duke of York agreed to be our Patron.


Board of Directors

A generation sit in classrooms convinced subjects like Maths and Physics are irrelevant because they’re “going to be famous”. I met one group of students, who when asked to name a modern scientist or technologist could only name Einstein. Working on Tomorrow’s World allowed me to meet many brilliant and engaging people behind inventions.TeenTech does the same for young people before they make critical decisions over GCSE choices.”

Maggie Philbin, Founder and CEO TeenTech CIC



“I’ve spent much of my career working in Technology at the BBC and I’m thrilled to be part of TeenTech, helping to enthuse the Scientists, Engineers and Technologists of tomorrow that the UK so badly needs”. 

Roland Allen, Director & CTO TeenTech CIC. 



“TeenTech opens eyes, bridges gaps and builds new relationships. I’ve seen it in action in East London creating a buzz, raising aspirations of young people and teachers, and inspiring one of the mentors to blog that it had relit his fire. I’ve had so many opportunities through my career in technology and I’m delighted to help inspire the technologists of tomorrow.”

Sue O’Hare, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC


V Elliott

“Alongside the benefit to the teenagers is the positive employee engagement. The engineers taking part display pride in their skills and company. They expressed being inspired by the teenagers as much as they inspired with the questions from the teenagers giving a different perspective. I personally believe within corporate organisations we should be supporting STEM initiatives to build the skills we will need in the future”.

Valerie Elliott, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC


TeenTech is inspiring in so many ways. Although intended to motivate young people, we know that teaching staff and employers learn so much from being involved. This has helped to rejuvenate the school curriculum and given a real boost to Science and Technology subjects.

Sandra Cooper, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC


Picture 14

Technology and Engineering are our future. TeenTech is so rare in recognising this. There are numerous initiatives to involve young people in understanding science but TeenTech is one of a very select few that shows the next generation how it can be applied. I was delighted to be asked to be part of what I see as a vital task: engaging young people to be part of shaping our future rather than just being passengers on someone else’s journey.

Professor Alan Woodward, Non- Executive Director TeenTech CIC



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  1. Jane Robertson says:

    I am a science teacher at Brimsham Green school in Yate (S. Glos). Would be grateful if you could email me details of any events in 2012.
    Many thanks.

  2. Terry Smith says:

    Hi – I’m Chair of the Skillset SSC for post production and would love to know or help out if I can. Our industry (media, creative etc)has some fantastic opportunities for people with STEM backgrounds that people might not know about and in fact its the area where the shortages of talent tend to be. This all looks great! Terry

  3. Cathy Thomas says:

    Hi Maggie,

    this looks like a great opportunity for youngsters. We’re in the Midlands – where you say you will be visiting. How do we find out more about where, when, who can go, how to book, etc. ?

  4. John James says:

    Hi, We are a small engineering company in Doncaster who have worked in local schools for many years. How would we get involved in this event. Whilst our skills are not cutting edge we do work with all the renewable technologies and “normal” Plumbing, Heating and Electrical. I am also connected to a number of local IT, Web, SEO companies who I’m sure would love to contribute.

  5. Kudos to your team for these events. With the ending of a comprehensive careers framework in the UK these events are more than needed. Please let us know how we can spread the word to the schools, teens and parents in our network, especially those from more economically challenged backgrounds.


  6. Simon says:

    I think the Teen Tech idea is fantastic. My son from charters School attended the Ascot event and he really enjoyed it and was very enthusiastic. One request; could we see more varied photos of the Ascot event please? some are duplicated on the website. Thanks!

    • Hi Simon
      I’m delighted you enjoyed the day – the students were just brilliant. The full set of pictures can be accessed on the website from the Ascot – A photo finish page. We’re inviting schools and students to pick their favourite shots from the full set and let us know the frame number and any caption they’d like us to put up. So please ask parents and students to have a look.
      Maggie x

  7. Terry Smith says:

    Hi Maggie – just wanted to say a massive thanks for having us on board to run a challenge for the students at the Cisco house event. We teamed up with Alias Hire and The Crewing Company to set up a live news room which the students seemed to really enjoy and we also all had one of the most rewarding days possible. We are really looking forward to doing another later in the year and I would highly recommend any company to get involved.
    Thanks Terry Smith TC Soho

  8. Pam Stockley says:

    Hi Maggie

    We are an global engineering company that want to get more involved in supporting engineering in schools. Is Teen Tech something our Engineers could support, would love to receive more information regarding the scheme

  9. sylvia jennings says:

    Hi, have just heard about Teen Tech & would seriously like to be involved in the delivery of events. I am passionate about inspiring learning and enthusiasm for technology through ‘play’, i.e. ENJOYMENT & wonderment of the subject, and have had experience of travelling the country delivering sessions to schools to educate & enthuse about global warming, recycling & our carbon footprint. I really enjoyed the work and interaction with both staff & students, and would love to do this type of presentation in relation to technology,which is another passion of mine! Please let me know if there are any openings!
    Regards, Sylvia Jennings

  10. Farhana says:

    Hi, I am an ICT/Computing teacher at a school in Camden North West London. . I am really interested in the event you offer and see it a great opportunity for young learners. I wanted to know if you could email me details of any events taken place from September 2012.

    Many thanks.

  11. Ben Taylor says:

    Hi there, I am an ICT and Technology teacher in Newquay Cornwall, your events sound fantastic! Could you let me know when you might have an event in Cornwall or Devon. Also might it be possible to suggest any big events that I might be able to transport students to as a class trip. (So London or anywhere in the South would be good.)
    Kind regards
    Ben Taylor

  12. David Allan says:

    This would be great with an international arm. I want to be involved but I am at an excellent school in Thailand.

  13. Russ says:

    I would be very interested in any events you may have in the Bedfordshire area this year.

    • Roland Allen Roland Allen says:

      Hi Russ,

      The nearest to you this year will be the Coventry & Warwick event at the Ricoh Arena on October 19th. We are hoping to run an event at Leicester next year however.

      Kind regards,


  14. stephen says:

    Hi am stephen from Ghana, an HND student in Computer Science and will be willing to help here in Ghana and Africa as a whole to instill or promote technology to schools and students in this part of the world.
    thanks and good job done

  15. Isabel says:

    Good evening,
    I was wondering if TeenTech have any links with international organisations to inspire teenagers in different countries?
    Many thanks

  16. Jill Douglass says:

    We met you yesterday at the Innovisions 2012 awards – our project was part of the winning submission from Suffolk CC. We are lead for the Schools Energy Network where we are introducing Yr 9 students to the myriad of career possibilities in the energy sector and trying to inspire them in the STEM subjects. We would love to work with you to bring Teen Tech to Suffolk. SCC want to aswell.
    I don’t know about inspring the students, you certainly inspired me yesterday with your presentation about TeenTech.

  17. Lisa Othon says:

    Hello, I’m a Science Teacher at Fakenham Academy Norfolk. One of my responsibilities is to get students out of the classroom and raise aspirations. I would love to give our students the opportunity to experience Teentechevents. When do you plan to visit East Anglia? Many thanks.

  18. Pippa Proctor says:

    Hi, it’s Pippa here, I have worked on a few of the Teentech events. I work on a business development programme for the Sheffield City Region LEP and I am working with a business that would like to get involved in a teen tech event. Could someone contact me so I can pass on the details please. Thanks Pippa

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